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Queen’s forest, or Raniban in Nepali, is where Raniban Retreat is located.  On the secluded hillock of Raniban hill forest in Pokhara resides a unique boutique hotel offering you an eco friendly environment tailor-made for you. You can call it the Queen’s Retreat!!  Visitors all say, Raniban is the best view and a most peaceful location in Pokhara – for magnificent view of the Himalayan panorama, the great Fewa Lake and Pokhara Valley. And it’s greatly peaceful because it’s on the hill top accessible through our own-made 500 stone steps through wild bushes.

10 clean and comfortable rooms, sumptuous food, spa, great views, traditional hospitality, and 24-hour solar power back up,   are what we offer you at Raniban Retreat – a small boutique hotel for spending your exclusive time.  Experience a complete retreat with your family and friends.

In Raniban, you can come with a special purpose. We conduct free medical camps for the neighborhood villages. Most recently, we conducted a free orientation and screening of cervical cancer (Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid) for local women. We have a year-long unique straw art exhibition and sales at Raniban aimed at saving funds for free cancer screening and staff medical welfare. You can be part of such a mission of Raniban.

Welcome to Raniban Retreat, merely 7 km near from the airport.

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