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December 15, 2017 Zia Ahmed Qazi

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Dear Sir/Ma’am,

It is with great pleasure we would like to announce the launch of our E-Newsletter. We at Raniban always want our clientele to get the best special offers. This newsletter would also keep you updated with the Raniban journey.

We warmly welcome you to the Raniban Family.

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Holiday Special

E-Newsletter Issue No.2

Hotel with the best view in Pokhara
Our Neighborhood

“A good Neighbor increases the value of your Property”.
We are truly grateful to be surrounded by such a neighborhood that makes us the property that we are.
Raniban offers us with a 360-degree frame view of the Annapurna range, the Phewa lake, the valley of Pokhara and the World Peace Pagoda.
This Newsletter will give you an insight view of our neighbors and how they compliment us.


Amazing Annapurna

Annapurna is a massif in the Himalayas in north-central Nepal that includes one peak over 8,000 metres (26,000 ft), thirteen peaks over 7,000 metres (23,000 ft), and sixteen more over 6,000 metres (20,000 ft). The massif is 55 kilometres (34 mi) long, and is bounded by the Kali Gandak Gorge on the west, the Marshyangdi River on the north and east, and by Pokhara Valley on the south.

The Annapurna Range has always been the primary attraction at Raniban. The majestic view of the mountains is something that nobody gets tired of. Given it is the same view, yet looks different every single day.
Some days the ranges tease us with sneak-peeks (pun intended) from behind the clouds where even a slight sight of the peaks bring about a sense of achievement for the viewers. On other Days, the ranges show off themselves with pride and bamboozle everybody with their stunning attention to detail which shows how great of a painter god is. It is astounding how the peaks change their colour throughout the day, giving a light orange view during sunrise, a pearl white colour during the day and a tinch of pink during sunset.
The peaks keep on playing a never ending game of hide and seek with us but I feel that is what keeps the charm of it alive.


Majestic Machapuchare

Although there are humongous peaks that are on view from Raniban rising over 7000 metres and 8000 metres which include Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV and Dhaulagiri I. A slightly smaller Machapuchare (Fish Tail) standing at 6993 metres steals the spotlight given its central location straight ahead for view from our site. The ranges that fall beside it look like companions in the Kingdom of the Fishtail Mountain.

Machapuchare (Fish Tail) Mountain may be one of the very few places on earth where no human has ever set foot if facts and informative researches are to be believed. The closest that someone came to reaching its summit was in 1957 by a British team led by Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Roberts. Climbers Wilfrid Noyce and A. D. M. Cox climbed to within 150 m (492 ft) of the summit via the north ridge, to an approximate altitude of 22,793 ft (6,947 m). They did not complete the ascent as the king of Nepal had asked Noyce to respect Hindu Religious customs and not set foot on the summit. Since then, the mountain has been declared sacred, and is now closed to climbers.
We often get references of people climbing Everest and even movies made out of the triumphant climbs yet even though fairly lower in height and altitude from the mighty Everest, Machaphuchre has an identity of its own as the Virgin Mountain.
It is a true spectacle to watch and one can just sit back with a book in his/her hand, sip some masala tea and just gaze at this beautiful creation. Enjoy the serenity and peace that is bought by the Kingdom of the Fishtail Mountain.

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Phenomenal Phewa/Prestigious Pokhara

Phewa Taal is the star of the travelers focal point in Pokhara known as the Lake-side. It is the second largest lake in Nepal and the largest in Pokhara. The Lakeside itself is highly developed as it is the hub of tourists. However on the southwestern shore of the lake the Raniban (“Queens Forest”) alive with birdlife provides an ecological balance to the lake.
On Clearer days the Annapurna range reflects perfectly on the large resting body of the lake.

The lake of Phewa  also works as a medium of sound which wonderfully passes the music playing at lakeside up to Raniban during the calm evenings playing a soft stereo in the background. The whole Valley of Pokhara rests wonderfully beside the Phewa Lake and provides a spectacular view during the day and lights up during the night making us feel as if Christmas came early this year.

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Wonderful World Peace Pagoda

The World Peace Pagoda is our Showstopper During Sunrise, when the whole valley of Pokhara is covered under clouds, the stupa stands above the clouds like a triumphant structure which slowly drives the clouds away to showcase the valley it represents. The first rays of sun falling on the stupa makes the tip shine so bright that it quite  literally starts the day with a ray of hope and positivity.

The World Peace Pagoda or Pokhara Shanti Stupa is a Buddhist pagoda-style monument on a hilltop in Ananda hill of the former Pumdi Bhumdi Village Development Committee in the district of Kaski, Nepal (now a part of the city of Pokhara).

It was built by Nipponzan-Myohoji monk Morioka Sonin with local supporters under the guidance of Nichidatsu Fujii, a Buddhist monk and the founder of Nipponzan-Myohoji. Shanti is a Sanskrit word meaning peace, also widely used in Nepali and Hindi language, and Shanti Stupa means Peace Pagoda. Shanti Stupa is the shrine build as symbol of peace. The spot situated at the height of 1100 meters on the Ananda Hill was chosen by Nichidatsu Fujii and he laid the foundation stone as well with the relics of Buddha on the hilltop on 12 September 1973.

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