Spa Treatment

Aroma Therapy

A therapeutic treatment for both mind and body by applying essential oils.It is both
holistic and practical in that it helps to protect the body's life saving immune system.
The highly potent essential oils penetrate the body and sense.

60 Min. Rs. 4400
90 Min. Rs. 5600

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Therapy is based on AYURVEDA,a traditional medical system of medicine;
using many herbal medicines as oil and applying to the entire body with a particular
type of massage is called Ayurvedic Therapy.It helps the toxins to move towards the
Gastro-intestinal tract.It brisks up the circulation,circulatives the finest a quality in all
tissues and tones up the whole body. This relaxing massage rejuvenates not only to
body but also senses,mind and soul.

60 Min. Rs. 3300
90 Min. Rs. 4200

Special Trekker's Massage

Trekker's Massage is a perfect combination of Ayurvedic massage and Thai massage
style which will take the pain from your body away and helps you relax. The focus is on
preventing and treating injury and enhancing physical performance using techniques
such as facilitated stretching. It helps to loosen muscles and increase flexibility.

60 Min. Rs. 4500
90 Min. Rs. 5700

Deep Tissue Massage

120 Min. Rs. 7500

Deep Tissue Therapy, as its name says, focuses on the deeper layers of muscle
tissue.Using deep muscle compression and friction along the grain of the
muscle. The purpose of Deep Tissue Massage is to unstick the fibres of the
muscles and release both toxins and deeply held tension points. Specific hand
positions and strokes are used to respond to various tissues while breath and
movement techniques are employed to release muscular congestion.

60 Min. Rs. 4100
90 Min. Rs. 5300

Traditional Nepali Massage

This massage is a typical Nepali massage. For this massage, 40 kinds of herbs &
essential oils are mixed which makes body healthy and strong.Traditional Nepali
massage; a rejuvenating therapy is the golden way to attain longevity, as it is aimed at
the preservation of health. Nepali massage aims at lessening lower back pain,
depression and anxiety, and helps improve sleep. Nepali massage therapy group is
also known to have improved range of motion and their serotonin and dopamine
levels can get higher.

60 Min. Rs. 4000
90 Min. Rs. 5100

Note: All Prices in Nepali Currency & Excluding 10 % Service Charge

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